about us

The focus of the Roots of Knowledge Empowerment Institute (ROKEI)

is to address critical educational gaps that exist in many schools, keeping black students from fully understanding their ethnic heritage. Immersing students in Pan-African curriculum enables them to be proud of who they are and understand how our culture has impacted the global society. We further promote health and wellness by providing workshops and clinics in lifetime sports in an energy-filled supportive environment.

our audience

The Institute serves students between grades 3 through 12. The classroom is a place of participation, and discovery where students will be expected to come to class prepared to expand their horizons. To insure we’re able to connect with teach student, we maintain a student-to-teacher ratio no greater than 7:1.


our vision

We strive to develop healthy Pan-African identities and general wellness for black children while providing opportunities to participate in activities that are often not infused in schools. To accomplish this, we use immersion events that:

Reflect on the contributions of African civilizations throughout history beyond slavery

Expose students to authors of African descent from around the world

Develop students’ skills in lifetime activities and sports that will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle

Caring Faculty


ROKEI founder, Jonathan A. Carroll, Ph.D. has almost twenty years of experience as an educator in environments from K-12 schools to top universities. He earned a Master’s in Education from Drexel University and his Doctorate from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He currently serves as a middle school dean at the Harvard-Westlake School.

Dr. Carroll will be joined by a hand-picked team of certified professionals who share the vision of educating students to become global citizens.

There’s something about feeling your connection to something that’s bigger than you and deeper and older than you that I think provides some strength.
I really see the value of this program as filling in an aspect of education that students of color don’t get in school.
My daughter has not done the in person camp but has participated in several of the Roots of Knowledge programs virtually over the year. When your children are able to attend you will not go wrong with Jon’s programs.
Chris Jones6th Grade Parent
K. Arianne Jordan5th Grade Parent
A. Arnold-BrownleeParent

There’s something about feeling your connection to something that’s bigger than you and deeper and older than you…