Summer Reading Club – Week 2 Check-in

Week 2 of Book Club Zooms in the books. Really enjoying working with these groups of young people. A couple of quick thoughts: :

  1. It’s never too early to begin the conversation with students about the racialization process in this country. Consistently I hear stories from Black students about how they are made to feel “othered” as early as second grade. The conversation can then begin so that they can build a healthy sense of identity across their primary Core Cultural Identifiers (CCIs).
  2. The legacy of Black art is deep and rich. All kids should know the name Romare Bearden like they know Michaelangelo, or Botticelli.
  3. You can be raised in a Conscious household and still struggle with identity. We all have a journey. Though you may be planted in fertile soil and get watered daily, the seed will still grow at its own rate

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